April 07, 2011

Exciting things for Spring

Here are some things I'm currently very excited about:

  • I bought my first strawberry plant
  • I found an array of flowers that tolerate partial sun, so they might actually thrive on my balcony
  • I have basil, lavender, and oregano growing right now
  • I'm in the process of sprouting spinach and cilantro
  • I have screens for all my windows and the balcony door, so no flies this summer!
  • Joined my first CSA!  (Just awaiting some sort of confirmation that they haven't already sold out; nervous)
  • Seeing Halladay pitch in person tonight with Bri
  • Trees are blooming all over the city
  • Found a Wegman's within easy driving distance of my house and it's great
  • I was able to wear my Vibram's without my toes freezing yesterday on the concrete
  • Nell and Brian are visiting this weekend
  • Lots of fun trips planned in the very near future
  • The weather is finally shifting to full on Spring, and not "sometimes I really want to be Winter still!!!"
There are a few things that aren't exciting, like how Spring makes my allergies turn from a slight annoyance to nearly incapacitating.  But just look at this list of awesomeness!  I'm so excited to have growing space again, even if none of it is south facing.

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, look for back posts in the near future.  At some point I plan to catch up with all these photos I have sitting on my computer...

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