January 28, 2010

Time Flies

I would say it's because I'm having so much fun, but I'm not always sure that's true. Obviously, it's true sometimes.

Where to start? DS came home from France just fine. I had to read my last post to even remember he went... he travels too much. Right now he's in North Carolina for an interview. It's the first of three. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets an offer from one of those schools.

Christmas came and went. I got awesome presents, including a new Proxxon rotary tool that I LOVE. The cats got a new cat tree, which Winston is nearly too fat to use. DS got Vibram's (the toe socks of shoes), and while they look ridiculous, I find myself increasingly jealous of them.

I saw the movies Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Leap Year and the Princess and the Frog, all in two weeks or so. That's probably more movies than what I saw all of last year. It was expensive, but AWESOME. Though... Leap Year probably should have been rented. I couldn't resist though, because I went with the girls in my book club, who I really like, but had never just hung out with.

I kept my job after Christmas. It's not temporary anymore, but my hours are so few that it's hardly even part time. Also, my W2's are trickling in, and I was shocked by how little money I made this year. Did my salary really drop by 75% by moving to Santa Barbara? Dear God.. no wonder we're so broke.

I went home to visit family and friends in Kentucky. It was wonderful. I saw just about everyone I wanted to, and enjoyed every minute of it. I even caught up with my best friend from college one, whom I hadn't seen in like 5 years. He's married now, and has an amazing house, and the coolest dog EVER.

I've been taking a break from crafting this month. Last night I decided to rearrange my craft room. I've always enjoyed rearranging a room. I don't think my bedroom was ever the same for more than 6 months growing up. It reinvigorates me. I'm hoping the same will be said after this one, and I can get back on the ball with my business.

Speaking of which, I need to thank my husband. I had to do my business taxes this week, and I came to the startlingly revelation that I lost a way more money than I had thought this year by running it. I nearly decided to throw in the towel, but he talked me out of it. He reminded me that I do it because I love it, and as far as hobbies go, at least in this house, it's a relatively cheap way to spend my time.

While I'm acknowledging people, my favorite person in all of the southern United States just bought her first house. I am extremely excited for her and to see what she does with it, and also jealous in the best way possible.

Let's all hope that this time next year, DS and I will be in the city we will retire in, and that it will be within single day driving distance of all of our families. Then maybe we too can grow up and get a house :)

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kimberlina said...

trust me, it'll get better! i am glad to hear that ds talked you into keeping your craft going - that's the sign of a seriously good husband. it's also a great way to be creative and work out stress and mental blocks sometimes. and to decompress from work.

maybe take some pics of your new setup!