August 06, 2008

stupid sleep

Every time DS leaves the country, I'm reminded of how much he keeps me functioning more or less normally. I keep not going to bed, so I'm running on little sleep. I'm also eating like crap. But on the plus side, I've been actually socializing (by which I mean leaving my apartment for something other than work, and talking to people face to face).

Winston is antsy. I guess I'm not entertaining enough for him. Felix doesn't care who's here as long as they rub her belly.

Oh.. and I think I'm not sleeping well also because I'm afraid. I'm not used to living on the ground floor, and I keep thinking someone is going to get in, and DS isn't here to save me! And it doesn't help that I want to have the windows open because of the very expensive "window" unit, but I'm sleeping better using the a/c.

1 comment:

kimberlina said...

oh definitely do what feels safe! especially when by yourself. i am all about closing the windows, for real. *hug*

how long will he be gone for?

also, some arm & hammer on carpeting and then a vaccuum might help any and all smell. and yay for bikes!

also, learn me about this cat litter mix from apartment therapy! did i miss the shared google reader bit?!