August 12, 2008


I find life in general to be challenging these days.  Work is turning into a disaster.  I'm being told simultaneously to start letting go of my responsibility and not to "check out" too early.  As one might expect, I'm failing.  When did caring about the company you work for become such a bad thing?

The upcoming move is starting to scare the crap out of me.  I have no idea where we're going to find the money to actually get there, much less live there.  And it doesn't help that so many people we know are getting married this fall.  Not that the weddings in and of themselves are bad, but none of those weddings are anywhere near here.  

I can't seem to maintain interest any much of anything either.  My brain has decided that it can't do anything new until after we move, pushing me into a sort of limbo that is highly uncomfortable.  I can't make myself start a new book, or make jewelry, or even finish setting up my craft desk.  I did finally start playing Soul Calibur IV, but that, Soltrio (a solitaire game on xbox live) and watching the Olympics is about all I can muster at the moment.

Can it just be next summer already?


tRuCuLeNtWoMaN said...

Listen, little darlin'--take heart! You are young, you have life in front of you! You will have an income and that all that matters . . . And you are going to SB, CA! I mean, really . . . . Don't worry about anything for now. Wait until you have kids. THAT'S when you worry! Or when you are "RETARDED" and the stock market is in the bottom of the septic tank--THAT's when you worry! As long as you have an income, no matter what it is, and as you are young, you will survive and you will look back on these times and think: THEY WERE THE BEST!!! No sh*t, baby doll! I'm not kiddin' ya!

kimberlina said...

*hug* *hug* you'll definitely make it! being in stasis is a crappy place to be, but the good news is that you have an end date. so if you don't craft, maybe cook. or win some vid-games. or read shitty romance novels!