April 30, 2008

Things you probably don't know about Athens, Part 1

Apparently, when the Sahara has a big sandstorm, Athens suddenly has smog.  Except it's not smog.  It's sand.  I was convinced that Athens was a dirty, nasty city.  DS kept telling me it was beautiful before I got there; sunny, clear, perfect temperatures.  All I saw was clouds and sand smog.  So here are some smog pictures, all but the last taken from the Acropolis*.  After looking at a map, I'm fairly certain we would have seen sea if not for that sand.  So that sucks, but how often do you get to come home and say you experienced the effects of a Saharan sandstorm??

That's Hadrian's theater, which is part of the Acropolis tour.

This is a view of the Agora from the Acropolis.

The Temple of Zeus, with the Olympic Stadium from the first modern Olympics in the background.

General city.  Pretty crowded!

* As it turns out, if you're short for time, you can see pretty much everything of interest from the Acropolis.  So go there with a camera that has a good optical zoom, and you're set!

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kimberlina said...

oh, oh, i actually love it! it lends a nice dreamy quality to the city. though i imagine it was weird. did you get grit in your hair? scalp? teeth?

did you eat good food???