July 03, 2006

It's Okay, I'm Alive

It's true, I promise. Maybe just barely, but it's cool. I open at the store the rest of this week, so hopefully I can find some time to update everyone soon. Life has been hectic here at the Goblin household, not to mention me working 9 days in a row, and me needed a trip to the chiropractor dreadfully. But I have 300 beautiful ibuprofen, and personal masseuse, and the hope of a second interview. All is not lost!

I'll be back soon cg-c!!


Rrramone said...

Not to mention a cool portrait of you on my blog! :-)

Spinning Girl said...

Oh thank goodness.

B.O.B.I. said...

Glad to hear everything's ok (within reason). Hope your back is doing well! And in response to your message: sorry, Beth doesn't play clarinet. I'm still willing to try a solo arrangement if that's what you want. Get back to me; I know I don't always respond quickly, but I try.

You should really comment on my latest post. I need to know what people think of it. If it's just too out there, lemme know. Or whatever. Toodles!