November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was warm this year, and gorgeous.  We had friends over dinner, and spent a good bit of time playing outside with the kids.  We took our annual family photo, and looking back over the last three years is kind of mind boggling.

The boys, Monkey especially, are still into their trikes.  Our neighbors stopped by, and N (the birthday girl from the last post) brought her new scooter and they all went up and down the driveway together.

 Bear is still having trouble riding things. N showed them how to sit on the scooter footpad and ride, which looked ridiculous and uncomfortable, but they all seemed to be having fun.  B eventually went back to just walking his scooter along like it was a pet.

The dirt pile (our leftover leaf mold) continues to be a hit. These mega blok toys are getting a lot of use out there.

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