May 07, 2012

Cinco de Matto - 2012

Holy wow!  My friend Matt, the one that married us and lives in Brooklyn, has a birthday on May 5th.  So it's always Cinco de Mayo, and quite often the Kentucky Derby, when he celebrates.  He calls it Cinco de Matto, as well he should.

This was the first year we were able to make it up there for his birthday.  It was kind of insane.  Nearly 50 people RSVP'd yes to coming.  You guys, I don't think I even know 50 people.  We spent most of Saturday setting up, and then the rest of the evening dancing, talking, and watching fire spinning on the roof.  I attempted to document the proceedings while learning the manual settings on my camera.

It was an epic night.  There were 5 gallons of red margarita.  Brownies, bruschetta, mints, balloons.  Everything and everyone was decked in red and black, even the lights!  I was really impressed with everyone's clothing.  Honestly, check it out!

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Be happy you weren't there for the cleanup the next morning!

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