November 20, 2011

Just a few things

  • 30 hours in, skyrim is still amazing, and i've only scratched the service
  • in the last month i've had visitors from 14 different countries to my etsy shop
  • most must of have been accidents, because they counted towards my bounce rate
  • looking at the keywords that bring people to my shop makes me scratch my head.  like, why did you get to me by searching for "rohan horse banner" when i'm fairly certain none of those words appear in my shop anywhere?  and you stuck around, so... i guess you found something that satisfied you.
  • there are a lot of things floating around my craft room that belong on etsy but aren't there.
  • they've probably been in there for close to 2 years.
  • the scarves all finally went up today
  • bought my first piece of for real artwork, a giant canvas title "little nova".
  • i swoon every time i look at it
  • dusted off my "acting skills" for this music video (i'm in there, i swear)
  • went rock climbing today with the husband and actually enjoyed it for the first time in 3 years, if not more
  • my hands did not enjoy it
  • need some calluses
  • reading "shades of grey" and am entirely engrossed in this strange strange world
  • i have 9 books to go until i reach my goal of reading 80 for the year


kimberlina said...

daaaaamn, 9 books in a little over a month?

pick some small books! :D

Spinning Girl said...

What is Skyrim?