May 02, 2011

Finished Garden 2011

Have I told you how excited I am to finally have a balcony for an entire growing season again? SO EXCITED. Feast your eyes on this gorgeousness.

Balcony Garden, May 2, 2011

Plants from left to right:
Ornamental Thai Pepper
3 Strawberries

Yellow Pear (Heirloom Tomato)
Marion (Heirloom Tomato)
Anaheim Pepper
Hot Banana Pepper
Jalapeno Pepper
Habanero Pepper

Things you can't see yet:
Lots of part-sun flowers
The cats camped out in that camping chair
The water puddles on the balcony below because I can't figure out how not to make a mess when I'm watering.  :(  I'm seriously considering hanging a shower curtain that will funnel the water into a bucket.

Window Box May 2, 2011

This is the window box on the other side of the apartment, outside our bedroom.  It doesn't get much light, so I picked out plants that are supposed to like part-sun.  Gerbera daisies for the win!

Now I just need the sun to come out more than once every 10 days.


kimberlina said...

congrats on your garden!! wishing your cilantro well - i cannot keep that shit alive.

Audit Princess said...

Post some updated pics

tRuCuLeNtWoMaN said...

Jessica--I had forgotten all about your blog. It's great. And I'm like Kimberlina--can't keep cilantro alive, but can oregano! I've added a m message on my calendar to check your blog . . Duh-uh!!!