May 22, 2010

David and Juliana's Wedding

As expected, David and Juliana's wedding in Potomac, MD was absolutely beautiful.  The backdrop of forest was perfect, and I particularly loved the alternating greens and blues of the bridal party.  The wedding was outdoors, in both Spanish and English.  Afterwards, dinner was served and there were many speeches by friends and family.  We were lucky to have translators, though sometimes I suspect that we lost some of the turns of phrase in the process.

Because Juliana is Colombian, the cake was specially brought in from there.  Unfortunately, customs suspected it had some nefarious purpose and destroyed it.  Fortunately, it was pieced back together and the taste was unaffected.  All I knew was the cake involved alcohol.  Juliana tells me it's called ponque negro, or black cake I think.

After dinner, we headed upstairs.  There was a dance floor, a room with chocolates made by David's sister along with some coffee, and a fun photo booth.  I had quite a bit to drink, so I can't remember too much about the latter half of the night, but I can say we all had fun.

Once it was time to disperse, all the friends went down to see the honeymoon suite, which was two bunk beds pushed together and decorated.  It doesn't sound like much, but considering we were all sleeping on twin beds from a former Girl Scout camp, it was adorable and romantic.

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