March 08, 2010

Enjoying It

I am what "they" are referring to these days as "underemployed".  Yes, I have a job.  And yes, it pays me real money.  But it's of such limited quantity that I'm thankful for public libraries and 99¢ bread.  I'm not exactly in danger of missing payments on anything.  More like we make exactly the amount of money we need to get by, but anything else is problematic.  This is hard for us.  Just this Saturday, we went to see a matinee (did you know those were cheaper?) with some friends, who all decided to go eat at Outback afterwards.  Previously, we would have been all over going out to eat with friends.  I mean, we are typically the type of people that wonder what our friends are doing, but don't bother to find out because we're socially inept.  So when an easy opportunity to do said socializing presents itself, and with food, you can safely bet we'll be there.  Lack of money is something restaurants sort of frown on though.  DS and I spent 10 minutes, while the other four were joking around and settling on which restaurant, sending furtive glances at each other.  Was this something worth dipping into our savings for?  Are we bad people for thinking along these lines.

In the end, it apparently was worth it, because we went, and enjoyed ourselves.  And you know what else I enjoy about being underemployed?   I've had the last 2 months of Monday's off.  I'm spending today playing Sims 3, because I can.  Also, I've read a hojillion books since Christmas.  I got rid of cable, and haven't even noticed because my laptop has an hdmi output and hulu is amazing.  And when we just can't stand to be in the house any longer, we do things like go see waterfalls.

Truly, there are worse things than being underemployed.  As long as I can put food on my table, I am totally fine with it.  I'm sure that feeling is bolstered somewhat by the fact that DS will hopefully have a job soon.  But still, right now, working 15 hours a week isn't too shabby.

Originally thought I'd spend the whole day playing Sims 3.  Well, until people come over for BSG night at any rate.  But you know what sounds good?  Bacon.  And I have plenty of time to make it.  Those of you who know me well can appreciate that statement at its fullest.


Bee said...

Oh do we know all about how much that sucks. For the first two and a half years I was here, I worked full time while Brian was in school. Now I'm unemployed and he works as a T.A. and has a part-time job at the University. It really can suck in those social situations where you have ask people to cruise by an ATM so you can take $$ out of savings so you can have drinks & dinner. On the other hand, it really does make you appreciate other things, and each other a lot more. And since I've been unemployed I've read a metric ton of books, vastly improved my sewing, started my etsy shop, and gotten back to my blog. There is definitely an upside.

You are still doing BSG nite? Have you been watching Caprica? The gangster guy is kind of hot.

kimberlina said...

awww, i love it, though! i like that you can see the silver lining. :)