October 25, 2008

crash and burn

so um.. computers have been dying fiery deaths here right and left. i suppose that makes it lucky i have so many. the good news is that several new parts later, the two dead pcs have been grafted into one working gaming computer. the bad news is that the imac is now gone, which is where i do all my photo and business stuff. the genius bar has helped, but i still have to transfer the 100 GB worth of data they saved back onto the thing. whenever i get up the desire to tackle that beast after the pc disaster, expect several back-posts cataloging our recent adventures.

other than that, all is well, and i'm looking forward to being in tampa halloween weekend for kimberlina's wedding (by which i mean after party).


kimberlina said...


glad to hear your computer problems are a bit more fixed. :)

Monica said...

aww, I wondered where you were??

Monica said...

I did 6th file from the beginning..