May 18, 2007

Seattle's not bad

I had to go to Seattle for work a little while ago. Here are some random observations.

Despite feeling colder than Madison, it was much much more green. I only found out after I was there that some people call it the Emerald City, though apparently the locals do NOT.

I was disappointed to find out that Pike's market is nowhere near the window of any hospital, and therefore could not possibly be viewed while people are getting into the elevator at Seattle Grace Hospital.

The market then redeemed itself by having the most amazing collection of Fiesta ware I've EVER seen. This was only a small portion. It was breathtaking.

The Seattle Art Museum teased me by being closed the day I went because they were getting ready for a 36 hour grand re-opening the next day in celebration of their new wing. Jerks.

The public library by Rem Koolhas was interesting inside during the day. At night, it was simply mesmerizing.

The pier was pretty cool, minus all the homeless people missing limbs, each of whom had a pet dog of some sort which they used as a pity tool to get your money.

The Woodland Park Zoo had pretty decent exhibits, though they fell short in their job of educating the public. There were more signs telling you what each tree was than there was telling you what the animals were. One exhibit had nothing at all. I guess we were supposed to guess. The little bird house for things generally thought of as pets was pretty cool though. All the birds were loose, and you could buy little popsicle sticks with peanut butter and birdseed and then feed them. This little girl was adorable.

I learned a valuable lesson on this trip though. Under no circumstances should I spend more than 3 or 4 days without physically seeing someone I know and care about. I only knew one person on this trip, and I didn't even see them until day 6. I'm afraid my tendencies to self destruct overwhelmed any greatness the city tried to bestow on me. Next time, DS goes whether he likes it or not.


cg-c, esq. said...

Awwwww, you were in my hood! I work extraordinarily close to SAM, so that's pretty rad. Did you know that the Starbucks in the WaMu Center (attached to the SAM) is the largest in North America, 3rd largest in the world?

Ditto on the Emerald City thing - I've heard people elsewhere refer to it as such but nobody who actually lives here.

Janelle Renee said...

Girlfriend, I completely relate to your experience! It does get rather lonely in a foreign place (even if it is in your own country) when you aren't able to connect with someone you like/love.

Looks like you had a great time. I can't believe the Seattle art Museum was closed! Jerks, indeed. :)

Did it rain for you in Seattle?

Spinning Girl said...

Thank you, I love photos journeys.

kimberlina said...


that's the public library?


can i work there? please?

holy shit, man. that's insane.