April 15, 2007

1701 A.D.

Okay, so you want to know what 1701 A.D. is? I'll tell you, because I love it so much, and you should too.

Basically, it's strategy, empire building game. It's a lot like SimCity, except it's set in 1701, and you're trying to build a city on a newly discovered island. And there are "natives" to either trade with, or fight with, and other people settling islands for their countries too. So you start off with pioneers, who live in thatched roof cottages (hahahahaha, strong bad...), and they have a certain set of needs that you have to fulfill. And as you successfully do that, your people can advance. And it's super sweet, because you can build ships in your shipyard, and put cannons on them, and train soldiers, and RULE THE WORLD!

Of course, I don't really play that way, or at least I haven't yet. Right now, I'm playing the peaceful strategy and making alliances with everyone. But maybe next time, I'll conquer everyone. BWA HA HA!

Oh, and the graphics are pretty sweet too. It was a gem of a find, because I totally just picked it up from the shelf, having no idea what it was. OH! I almost forgot the pirates. THERE ARE PIRATES!

See, you want to play it now don't you?


Monkey said...

Oh. My. God.

You should never have told me about this game. I see the boy's and my future in no uncertain terms. 1701 and pirates too!

Excuse my drooling.

Bee said...


You're watching Firefly!?!

::snoopy dance::

Nw that that's out of the way...I thought I had my email on my profile...


...now enjoy some Captn. Tightpants!